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Salcheto - Solo, Sangiovese, Tuscany, Italy (NV)

Salcheto - Solo, Sangiovese, Tuscany, Italy (NV)

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Solo is a wonderfully aromatic with notes of pomegranate, violets, rich red cherry and sandalwood. The palate is supple and mid-weight, with raspberry, cherry, berry bramble, vanilla and a hint of savouriness that provides complexity and intrigue. 

REGION Italy>Tuscany>Montepulciano
GRAPE(S) Sangiovese with very small amounts of white Tuscan varieties
ABV 12.5%

3L - equivalent of 4 bottles!

Low Intervention, Organic, Sustainable, Vegan



Boxed Wine?!? One of the world’s most sustainable and quality-obsessed wineries is doing its part to redefine its image and dispel the notion that only mediocre wine is packaged alternatively. This package provides 3 litres - the equivalent of 4 bottles - in a box that is about the weight of one bottle of wine! 

Solo Wine is a non-vintage, organic red that’s perfect for the holidays - always have quality wine available for unexpected guests...parties...etc. It is highly portable and super lightweight!

Salcheto already uses the lightest possible glass when they do bottle their wines, but ongoing concern for the planet has led them to more sustainable options for their everyday wines. 

Advantages of BiB:
• Environmentally sustainable. Glass production and recycling uses an immense amount of energy. As does shipping heavy, bulky bottled wine around the world.
• More ‘bang for your buck’. Wineries spend less on packaging, more on wine.
• Zero wastage. Once open, BiB wine will last up to one month. A stark difference compared to an open bottle of wine which degrades in quality in a day or two.
• Great on the go. Easily brought to cottages, ski trips, family gatherings.

The Winemaking:
This is sourced from vineyards in both Chianti and Salcheto’s home estate near Montepulciano. Like all of their wines, it’s certified organic and the vines are farmed using biodynamic principles. The hand-harvested fruit is de-stemmed and sorted before being gently crushed and fermented in tank via indigenous yeasts. 30% of the wine is aged in oak for 1 year.

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