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Olek Bondonio

Olek Bondonio - Rosso, Piedmont, Italy (2021)

Olek Bondonio - Rosso, Piedmont, Italy (2021)

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Bright, juicy and totally gluggable, in all the right ways. Party wine. Pizza wine. Casual chit chat wine. Pass another glass please!

REGION Italy > Piemonte
GRAPE(S) Nebbiolo, Barbera, Dolcetto, Pelaverga
FORMAT 750ml Bottle
ABV 12%
FEATURES Low Intervention, Organic, Vegan-Friendly


Torchiato style: a wine using the juice coming out of the pressing of the pomace after fermentation of all red wines (Barbaresco, Barbera, Dolcetto, Pelaverga). The result is a structured and elegant wine, so recognisably Olek.

Olek Bondonio is quite at home on the steep slopes that surround his Barbaresco cantina, having been a champion snowboarder in his youth. It’s an historic family estate of 200+ years close to the Tre Stelle frazione of Barbaresco with an emphasis on Nebbiolo in the cru sites of Straderi, Roncaglie, & Roncaglietta.

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