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Maenad - Pet Nat - Vidal with peaches and sumac, Niagara (2021)

Maenad - Pet Nat - Vidal with peaches and sumac, Niagara (2021)

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As always, Maenad turns wine convention on its head and makes "sacrilegious" combinations absolutely delicious. The citrusy punch of the sumac makes this jump out of the glass. Easy drinking, lip smacking, a little earthy funkiness and savoury notes - all on top of a dollop of Ontario peachiness. Yum!

REGION Canada > Niagara
GRAPE(S) Vidal
FORMAT 750ml Bottle
ABV 11%
FEATURES Low Intervention, Biodynamic, Vegan-Friendly


Yvonne made a tea with the sumac before adding it to the fermentation of the vidal along with peaches.  This created more sumac character and added acidity which seams to give the peach a boost as well.

Unfiltered and bottled with lees. No Sulphites added.

While a long-standing winemaker at Creekside winery, Yvonne Irvine decided to set up her own label to celebrate a fun, pretension-free approach to wine. Maenad were the female followers of Dionysus the Greek God of Wine (and some other fun things), the Maenads were known to partake in some wine and break into ecstatic dance as part of their rituals.


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