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Bardos "Yeti" Cider (2020)

Bardos "Yeti" Cider (2020)

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Lemon zest and herbs on the palate with a long persistent finish. Earthy & acidic.

REGION USA > California > Sonoma
APPLES Red Gravenstein
ABV 7.0%
FORMAT 750ml bottle
FEATURES Skin Contact, No added Sulfites, Low Intervention, Sustainable, Vegan
SCALE Bone Dry

From a historic orchard on sandy loam in Occidental, California.  A wonderfully transparent example of century-old trees and the soils that nurtured them.

Aged in old barrels for six weeks, the cider was then dosaged with fresh juice before bottling and aged for additional time.

Named after their guru and teacher "Yeti," a farmer and character in Sonoma who introduced the cider makers to their first feral orchards, and taught them an intuitive approach to farming. The apples were pressed with Darek Towbridge at Old World Winery in Fulton, CA. 

Early ripening in August, the Red Gravenstein, a prized mutation of the Gravenstein apple, is similar with its tender flesh, intense and sweet-tart juice and distinctive honeyed floral aromas.

The red variety is thought to have slightly higher sugar content. What sugar there was has certainly been fermented completely out as this cider is bone dry and noticeably mineral. Lifted and airy with a complex touch of tannins and phenolics from the skin.

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