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Valdibella - 'Zi bi Bò', Zibibo, Sicily (2022)

Valdibella - 'Zi bi Bò', Zibibo, Sicily (2022)

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A lovely, fleshy palate of tropical mango, nectarine and lemon balm. 

REGION Italy > Sicily 
GRAPE(S) Zibibo
FORMAT 750ml Bottle
ABV 12.5%
FEATURES Skin Contact, Low Intervention, Organic, Vegan-Friendly


The grapes are harvested by hand and transported to the cellar in small baskets, where they are de-stemmed and kept in contact with the skins overnight at 6° C. The next day the grapes are pressed and the freshly decanted must is added with naturally fermented must, prepared in the previous days with grapes from the same vineyard. Fermentation lasts about 15 days at a temperature of 15° C. After fermentation the wine spends 6 months in stainless steel to mature on the fine lees before being bottled in spring.

Valdibella includes 8 grape growers with a combined 60 hectares of vineyards, overseen by Massimiliano Solano, viticulturist and current president of the co-op & Antonino Vilardi, winemaker. Located around the towns of Camporeale & Monreale, in the province of Palermo, the vineyards — at 300–500m elevation are on leached red ‘regosuolo’, a lime and red clay mix over sedimentary soils.

Certified organic; minimal intervention (sometimes zero, including added sulphites and no chemicals in cellar or vineyards). Indigenous grapes are the focus — Catarratto, Grillo, Zibibbo, Perricone, Nerello Mascalese & Nero d’Avola. Leading the ‘new wave’ of Sicilian winegrowers, Valdibella eschews overripe, high alcohol wines in favour of bright, fresh and elegant wines that express the terroir of the region.

There are now 11 additional members of the co-op, managing the business, and growing organically farmed crops; including almonds, olives, cereals, legumes, fruits and vegetables which are turned into Valdibella-branded products such as extra-virgin olive oil, almond milk, marzipan, pasta (from an ancient, indigenous strain of wheat), and more. Including 60 ha of vineyards, members farm a total of 250 ha in the region. Organic farming and biodiversity, including woodland & nature preserve, are an integral part of the philosophy. At-risk youth from the community (and further) are given the opportunity to work, both on the farms and in the production of food and wine products.

On top of being socially and environmentally conscious, Valdibella is also Mafia-free. Founded in 2004, Addio Pizzo (addio = goodbye / pizzo = protection money), is a movement supporting those in the economy who are pizzo-free. By bearing the slogan on their wines, Valdibella confirms their commitment to supporting pizzo-free business. Luigi Montalbano, co-op member and past-president, is especially determined in this, as his father, a prominent Palermo physician, was murdered by the Mafia.

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