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Punset - 'Ne?', Langhe Bianco, Piedmont, Italy (2022)

Punset - 'Ne?', Langhe Bianco, Piedmont, Italy (2022)

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Rich and fruity on the nose displaying floral notes and white fruit flavours of banana and pear. This fruity sensation transitions in the mouth to deeper notes of honey, butter and a light acidity that swiftly cleanses the palate. Well structured with good balance.

REGION Italy > Piedmont>  Langhe
GRAPE(S) Arneis, Favorita and Cortese
FORMAT 750ml Bottle
ABV 13.5%
FEATURES Low Intervention, Organic, Vegan-Friendly

This white is called 'Ne?' after a popular Piedmontese slang, used to finish a sentence, similar to Canadians' 'eh?'. 

The grapes, cultivated according to organic farming methods, are carefully selected and harvested by hand, in perforated crates. After harvest, half of the grapes are destemmed, and the other half ferments with whole cluster. Both halves are pressed softly together and the fermented juice ages over the fine lees with batonnage for 7-8 months.

Punset is an innovator when it comes to organic wine. Inheriting the estate in 1982, Marina Marcarino is a fifth generation winemaker.

She transformed all 20 hectares of her land into a fully organic vineyard during a time where major producers of Barolo and Barbaresco were abandoning tradition to compete commercially. Instead of following the trend, she struck out on her own, and made wines that resonated with her past and passions. Known for the very first certified organic Barbaresco of Italy, Marina continues to show the world that you can preserve tradition and think of the future simultaneously.

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