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MASUMI ORIGARAMI - Sparkling Junmai Ginjo (375ml)

MASUMI ORIGARAMI - Sparkling Junmai Ginjo (375ml)

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Created in the Pet-Nat style, this lively, light-bodied sparkler offers a sensory double-entendre, combining crisp bubbles and wine-like acidity with the creamy and savoury richness of sake.

REGION Japan > Chūbu > Nagano
STYLE Sparkling Junmai Ginjo
FORMAT 375ml bottle
ABV 11.0%
RICE Kinmon Nishiki

For more than 350 years, the Miyasaka Brewing Company has been producing sake in the beautiful lake town of Suwa located in Nagano prefecture known as the “Japanese Alps.”

The name “Masumi” was adopted during the 18th century, meaning “transparency” or “truth” after a bronze mirror from the 8th century. During the 1920’s, the president Masaru Miyasaka and brewmaster Chisato Kubota set out to produce the best sake in Japan, learning from all the best breweries and would soon win high honors at the
Japan National Sake Appraisal. The brewery is also known for its discovery of Association Yeast No. 7 in 1946, a strain that most sake breweries used today.

Masumi continues to be one of the leading sakes in Japan and throughout the world and has been run by the Miyasaka family since it’s opening in 1662.

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