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Josep Foraster

Josep Foraster - 'Treparonto', Trepat, Conca de Barbera, Spain (2021)

Josep Foraster - 'Treparonto', Trepat, Conca de Barbera, Spain (2021)

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Slightly reductive nose at first that quickly blows off to reveal an expressive bouquet of wild flowers, black pepper, intense strawberries and the impression of wet rocks. Vibrant and juicy on the palate - perfect with a slight chill - this wine is summertime fun in a glass.

REGION Spain > Catalonia > Conca de Barbara
GRAPE(S) Trepat
ABV 11%
FEATURES Low Intervention, Organic, Vegan-Friendly

Treparonto is a custom collaboration between winemaker Josep Foraster - one of only two producers in Catalonia's Conca de Barbera to make red wine from Trepat, an indigenous grape considered the Pinot Noir of the region - and the Ontario importers of some of Spain's most thrilling wines, Cosecha Imports.

For over 150 years, the Foraster family has been growing grapes and olives on their estate in the township of Montblanc, Spain. 

In 1998, after updating the vineyards and planting new high-quality red varieties around the property, father Josep and son Josep decided to build a cellar in an old farm structure and begin bottling wine there. Josep Foraster Jr. tragically died in 1999, the same year the family's first vintage was about to hit the market. Josep's sister Julieta Foraster and her son Ricard Sebastià Foraster decided to take over the company and manage it from then on. 

All Josep Foraster wines are made with varieties grown on the estate and farmed using organic and sustainable viticultural methods.

Fun fact: the label is inspired by Beastie Boys' iconic "To The 5 Boroughs" album art. 

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