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CoMarcal Viticultoras

CoMarcal Viticultoras- Castor, Malvasia, Valencia, Spain (2021)

CoMarcal Viticultoras- Castor, Malvasia, Valencia, Spain (2021)

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Bitter almonds, navel oranges and a tonne of herbal scrub. The texture of this wine is lovely, a little pithy, a little clay-y from the amphora aging, just a super pleasurable and elegant skin contact white.

GRAPE(S) Malvasia
FORMAT 750ml Bottle
ABV 12.5%
FEATURES Low Intervention, Organic, Vegan-Friendly

Javi Revert and Victor Marqués became inseparable while working together at renowned Valencian winery Celler del Roure over ten years ago. Part of a family of winemakers, Javi works with the grapes originally planted by his great grandfather in the temperate Valencian terroir. Victor has worked with several prestigious winemaking cooperatives over the years and was trained by Pablo Catalyud at Celler del Roure. 

Font de La Figuera. Javi’s great grandfather planted many vineyards around font de la figuera and Javi was so inspired that we went exploring around his new recuperated vines. 

The two have an obsessive passion for winemaking and exploring the land for new opportunities. Together they founded La Comarcal (roughly translating to “The District”) in 2017, with the goal of making youthful wines based on new experiences. They call themselves “traveling winemakers,” exploring the land find unique plots of land and dedicated winegrowers to partner with.

 “La Comarcal is the road we travel and the way we seek to expand our portfolio with new vineyards and new varietals,” they explain. “We want to collaborate with friends and bottle the unique places and moments in time we create with wine - that is the philosophy of La Comarcal”

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